Czerulf: Italy – PdL mobilizes in Brescia

Italiano: Silvio Berlusconi

Italiano: Silvio Berlusconi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The stage is set in Brescia (Lombardy). PdL will rally its supporters tomorrow in order to “defend” party leader Silvio Berlusconi against “iniquitous” persecution by the Italian judicial system. During the week Berlusconi got his 4 year jail sentence upheld by the appeal court in Milan (the reason is fiscal fraud in relation to the acquisition of broadcasting licenses by Mediaset). Berlusconi as usual dismisses all charges against him as being unjust and sinister.

We might overlook the ridicules white and pale blue banners accompanying the call “All for Silvio”, but we cannot disregard the fact that Berlusconi is still able to unite and to mobilize his sympathisers, something that the political Left in Italy has not managed for many, many years.

It is not so much the “strength” of the Right but the weakness and the inability of the Left to respond that characterizes the Italian society. And this is disturbing, deeply disturbing.


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