Czerulf: Italy – Bersani’s real failure

The former Secretary of the Democratic Party (PD) Bersani received a lot of criticism lately, most of it hard-earned and well deserved. Yes, he messed up the presidential elections, yes, he courted an obviously uninterested bride (M5S) in a bid to form a minority government wasting 50 odd days in the process. Yes, he damaged his standing (and that of his party) needlessly by this appalling exercise (transmitted via live-streaming). All forgiven! This can happen when you have a bad spell.

What is inexcusable however is the complacency with which he fought the last election campaign. What was needed to knock Berlusconi off his socks back in February (PdL polled around 15% at the beginning of 2013) was a clear program for government and the will to communicate it in a comprehensible way. In the end he failed to win the elections causing all the chaos that was to follow.

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