Czerulf: Italy – Let’s face reality!

English: Enrico Letta at the Trento 2009 Econo...

English: Enrico Letta at the Trento 2009 Economics Festival. Italiano: Enrico Letta a Trento per il Festival dell’Economia 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new government to be led by Enrico Letta is not in place yet. It hasn’t had the chance to do anything wrong, but criticism and more often polemics are all over the place. Most comments concentrate on the past rather than the present situation. And that’s the whole problem. There is no point in repeating over and over again that party A, B, C etc. promised one thing before the elections and now does the complete opposite. Why? Because the general elections of 24./25.02.2013 produced a result that is dramatically different from what had been envisaged at the time.

Doing politics is about providing answers to present questions in order to safeguard the future. And to do this, one needs to have a functioning government, which has the largest possible majority in parliament, first. The sad reality is that under the current circumstances the only available option is a government between PD and PdL. Let’s face up to it and move on!

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