Czerulf: Italy – Napolitano’s To-Do List

Napolitano's To-Do List consists only of few items, but they are marked as VERY URGENT

Napolitano’s To-Do List consists of few items only, but they are all marked as VERY URGENT

Yesterday, while writing on Italy – Napolitano pushed into extra time, I was chatting to a friend who lives outside Italy. Regarding the re-election of Napolitano as President of the Italian Republic he asked me a simple question: How is a 87-year-old man supposed to lead the country out of this crisis? In my view his to-do list consists of only few items, but they should all be marked as very urgent. Let’s have a look:

  • First, he needs to calm the nerves of a deeply disaffected people, alienated from a political class which seems to look after its self-interest first and far most,
  • Second, he needs to get the parties at the table to hammer out an agreement to establish a stable government which is able and willing to push through the agenda suggested by the “10 wise men” such as, for example, the introduction of a new electoral law, legislation against conflict of interests and measures to boost the economy,
  • And third, he needs to ensure the constitutionality of this process.

It is a tall order. But very view persons have shown similar ability and determination as this 87 year young man. The foreseeable future of Italy is in good hands.


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