Japan – Comment: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster

English: The after the

English: The after the (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I keep watching the broadcasts from Japan (Fukushima). I see the pictures. I read the reports. But I am still struggling to comprehend the extent of the nuclear disaster. Many lives have been lost. For all advances in research and technology human beings remain vulnerable creatures when nature flexes its muscles. Earthquakes and tsunamis are natural phenomenons that we can predict with some certainty but not prevent from happening.

A nuclear disaster by contrast is a self-inflicted catastrophe in my opinion. The risks involved are known but were ether ignored or misjudged. Nature has got nothing to do with it. Men decided to built those power plants. Men must rethink and reverse this decision. I believe the technology is available to produce energy environmental friendly. We also need to save energy where ever possible to make nuclear power obsolete.

No time to waste. Lets start right now.


17/03/2011 · 22:56

3 responses to “Japan – Comment: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster

  1. Thanks for your well written comment Jean Pierre. You make many valid points. Life is a very risky undertaking at times. The society as a whole needs to be engaged in a discussion about choices, preferences and what kind of risks we are willing to accept. This should be an ongoing exercise. For instance, should cheap energy to run a mega fridge with a huge freezer compartment (mostly empty) or to run the 3rd telly or to run air-conditioning in places like Ireland be a priority?

    We are using to much of our natural resources in an unsustainable way. Cheap but risky nuclear power makes up for that. We all need to re-think the way of life that we have enjoyed for many years. Available resources need to go into research and development rather than consumer goods. I hope that will reduce the need for energy but it will also mean smaller profits for the electricity companies. That seems to me the main obstacle. But progress will be made. I am sure.

  2. The nuclear contamination alert in Japan is for sure a sad situation, for the victims and also for those who believed in progress. If the priority were to forbid anything with a risk attached, we would be left with nothing. Planes are dang…erous, cars are dangerous, crossing the street is dangerous, leaving ones bed … Cave men had a more dangerous life than ours and their life expectancy was ridiculously short compared to us. Thanks to progress many improvements to our lives have been achieved and there is more to come. It is true that new technologies mean also new risks, we have to take them all and our collective responsibility is to try to mitigate the worse. I believe nuclear power is a daily benefit to many of us with unfortunately some bad accidents occurring from time to time. We took lessons from the past to make nuclear safer, I believe we will improve again our knowledge until a new energy source will be sufficient to correspond to our needs with less risks.See more

  3. Let us try to understand.. Why we have been put on this earth.. More specifically .. Which is better Love or War.. If we could understand it, I don't think we have any need of self destructive powers.

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