Ireland – General Elections 2011

This blog now deserves its first proper article. It coincides with the upcoming general election in Ireland on the 25/02/2011. The campaign has just entered its final week. The most likely outcome is a coalition government comprised of Fine Gael (FG) and the Labour Party (LAB). There is also a growing possibility that FG might me able to achieve an overall majority in the next Dáil Éireann (first chamber of the Irish parliament). The once mighty party Fianna Fáil (FF) will fight with Sinn Féin for third place. This would be a landslide in Irish politics.

If the election day will see an equally dramatic shift in the policies of the incoming government that remains to be seen. I personally doubt this. The constrains are just to severe. The deficit of public finances of over 10% of GDP needs to be reduced in accordance with the EU/IMF bailout package. To achieve this taxes will have to be increased while spending will have to be cut further one way or the other. At least we will have new faces behind the same microphones that will tell us that we need to face the inevitable.

Democracy is about change, not so much in policies but in personnel.


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